Read ACS RD File

This option will read from a Road Package .RD file.
It will allow you to select one of the long sections in the RD file and read that section into the job. As the .RD file does not have any horizontal geometry, the program 'fabricates' some horizontal geometry for you. You can enter the starting point number to be used for the road and the bearing of the road and the program will automatically compute Eastings and Northings for each points along the road.

Input File
Type the name of the input file, or press browse to locate the file.

Choose one of the sections from the list, this list will be read from the input file.

Design RL's Only
Tick this box to show only the design levels. If ticked only the finished surface will be shown.

Fit To String
Tick this box to allow the required string to be clicked with the mouse and shown in the box.

Click String With Mouse
Click the required string with mouse and the string name will be dispalyed in this box.

Start Point
Enter the starting point number in the job for the first point on the road.

Enter the bearing of the string to be formed for the road. The program will assume the road is a straight line and will use the longsection chainage values as distances along the road and will compute points and insert them. It will assign the height values from the RD file to these points.