Traverse Select

This allows the user to enter a traverse as a set of bearings and distances and then to optionally perform a Bowditch adjustment on the traverse. When the Bowditch adjustment is computed, the point co-ordinates are computed and the points inserted into the job. If the points already exist, the co-ordinates will be updated.

Add a Parcel/Traverse
Use the Add button to create a new traverse. Enter the traverse name as a lot number and plan number if applicable.

Edit a Parcel/Traverse
Select a traverse in the list and press the Edit button or double click on a traverse in the list.

See Edit Traverse for details on how to create and edit a traverse.

Copy Traverse
This option will copy the currently highlighted traverse. It will duplicate the admin data and all the lines in the traverse. This option is handy if you want to make some changes to the lines but also retain a copy of the originally entered data.