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Software Prices

Package Seats Purchased RRP
Incl GST
Annual Maint
per License
GeoSurvey Program 1 AU$3,987.50 AU$770
2 AU$3,588.75 AU$693
3 AU$3,190.00 AU$616
4 AU$2,791.25 AU$539
5 AU$2,392.50 AU$462
10+ AU$1,435.50 AU$277.20

Installation and Training
Installation and training is available for these packages as required at additional cost. The recommended installation and training required for GeoSurvey is 1 day at A$800 per day in the Sydney metro area. Travel and other expenses will be charged at cost.
Self Installation: Installation can be performed by the customer, it is quite simple. We recommend one or two initial phone training sessions which can be carried out via one or two phone calls to Mimaka. These sessions usually take about 1 hour each and are conducted with each end of the call using the software package and discussing concepts and usage. These two initial phone training sessions are included in the price. Any futher training will be charged at $130 (incl GST) per hour or part thereof.

12 Month Warranty All packages include software lock, online help, software distribution on CD or via Internet and 12 months of support and upgrades.

You can send your order by sending a cheque to Mimaka with a purchase order. Prices include Australian GST tax @ 10%. Send all orders to:

Mimaka Pty Limited
57 Tryon Rd
Lindfield NSW 2070

Phone: 0419.269.322
E-Mail: email Mimaka
Make all cheques payable to Mimaka Pty Limited

Sample Pricing
A customer wishes to purchase 3 licenses in one order:
License No Package Price Annual Maint
License 1 GeoSurvey program $3190 $616
License 2 GeoSurvey program $3190 $616
License 3 GeoSurvey program $3190 $616
Total $10,766.25 $2,079.00