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Mike Fletcher - Email Mike Fletcher

    Electrical Engineer, Systems Analyst
    Mike completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering at Sydney University in 1975 and has since worked in the computer industry.

    Mike has participated in a pivotal way with both hardware and software development for many government authorities. He established systems for the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority and the national telecommunications carrier Telstra Bigpond Internet provider service. He led teams to scale IT infrastructure for Telstra Bigpond billing systems and Fairfax Publishers (f2) - Australian Stock Exchange stock price and trade information.

    Mike has extensive expertise with relational and object oriented databases including SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres; Real Time Programming joystick and motor controls and video capture; Fax Communication Software Broadcast, ISDN, E1 links; TCP/IP sockets; Internet Protocols HTTP, FTP; Graphic Images; Security encryption, authentication, firewalls; and video capture and in numerous programming languages.

Phil Fletcher - Email Phil Fletcher

    Electrical Engineer
    Philip Fletcher graduated from Sydney University with a bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

    Phil's experience covers a range of software and hardware projects includng the design, building and support of several software systems. Phil has also done design and building of microprocessor based systems from 8080-80386 hardware and firmware.

    Projects have covered work on real time systems and data gathering and monitoring projects of water level data and flood prediction. Recents projects have been on X400 and fax communication systems, particularly web enabling these applications and implementation of database storage.

Mike Elfick - Email Mike Elfick

    Licensed Surveyor, Systems Analyst, Research Associate of the University of Newcastle
    Michael is the principal developer of Geodata survey and cadastral software. He is a research associate with The University of Newcastle and he is a distinguished Fellow of the Institution of Surveyors, Australia. Michael has a long history in practical surveying and software solutions for surveyors including principal surveyor on notable projects such as the Sydney Opera House.

    He has developed cost effective inventions for photogrammetry and stereo plotting systems. He holds patents for the Qasco SD4, Adam Technology ASP2000, the Adam Technology MPS-2. In addition he holds several patents for Geodata software.

    Michael is widely published with 42 technical papers to his credit and is the holder of a number of academic prizes. His cadastral software has been in operation in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and USA for about 15 years.

    Cadastral Coordination Discussion paper
    Control Survey Marks Discussion paper
    Digital Interchange Standard Discussion paper

Marguerita Fletcher - Email Marguerita Fletcher