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Text Editors

A text editor is a progam/application that can be used to edit the contents of a text file. Some examples:
  1. GeoSurvey_config.xml
  2. MapProjections_Aust.csv
  3. strings_def.txt
  4. yourjob.acs
Do not use Microsoft Word, WordPad or similar Word Processor programs to edit these files as they will corrupt them.

Crimson Editor

This editor is free, fast and easy to use.
You can download it from the Crimson Editor web site


This editor costs money but it is excellent, fast and easy to use.
See the Ultraedit web site


This editor is included in every Windows system. It is simple and easy to use.
You can start Notepad by clcicking on the Start button and typeing 'Notepad'

Auto Open File with your Editor

You can associate a file type (*.txt) with your editor
In Windows File Explorer, right click on the file/Properties - Opens with - click 'Change'.
Now select your editor from the list or 'More app' and search for it.


GeoSurvey can open a file to edit, you can set the editor to use.
See the menu option Edit/Edit File.
You can set your preferred editor.

CSV files

You can Edit CSV files easily using Excel as long as you save it as a CSV file at the end.