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GeoCadastre - Index by Keyword

3d - Display Strata

  • A

  • ACS T27 format Control Points - Importing
    Accuracy - Point
    Accuracy - fix for old jobs
    Accuracy Rules
    Across Road Connections - Ask
    Across Road Connections - Tools
    Across Road Links
    Add Across Road Connections
    Add Control
    Add Line Point
    Add Node Point
    Adjust Job
    Adjustment Report
    Adjustment Weighting
    Advanced Settings
    Angles Mode
    Anti Clockwise Easement
    Append Job
    Arc distance
    Ask Across Road Connections
    Attributes - Extended
    Autocad DXF File output

  • B

  • Batch Conversion - LandXML to ceXML files
    Batch Conversion - ceXML to LandXML files
    Bearing Distance
    Bearing Entry
    Bearing Input
    Brg Dist Text on Screen

  • C

  • CSV format Control point data - importing
    Centre Points - Mean Them
    Centroid - Job
    Centroids - Reset Lot Centroids
    Change History
    Cleanup - Advanced
    Cleanup Job
    Clockwise - Fix Anti Clockwise Easement
    Closure Report on Parcels
    Colour Parcels
    Compiled Plans - old jobs
    Compnet Format Control - importing
    Config file
    Connection - Line Points on Connections
    Connections - Across Road Links
    Connections - Add Across Road Connections
    Connections Across Roads - Tools
    Connections from Road Lot
    Control - Reset Inactive
    Control Points - Extended Attributes
    Control Points - Force Precise Connections
    Control Points - Import
    Control Points - Max display Scale
    Control Points - Reset Inactive Control
    Control Points - Update Master File
    Control Report
    Convert Old Format Data
    Cookie Cut Multiple Parcels
    Cookie Cut Single Parcel
    Curve - entry
    Curved Lines
    Curves - Form

  • D

  • DXF File - Read
    DXF File - write
    DXF to Strata - Unit Titles
    Data - Old Format
    Datum Zone
    Delete Duplicate Lots
    Delete Line Point
    Delete Node Point
    Delete Parcels
    Delete Plans
    Delete Radiations
    Delete Unjoined Lots
    Digitised Parcel - Fix Misclose
    Display Config Options
    Display Settings
    Distance Input
    Doughnut Lots
    Drawing - Lines,Polygons
    Duplicate Parcel
    Duplicate Strata Floor
    Duplicate Text
    Dynanet Control Points - Importing

  • E

  • ESRI Shape File - Import Parcels, Control
    ESRI Shape File - Import Parcels, Points
    Easement - Fix Anticlockwise
    Easements - Editing
    Easements - Entering
    Edit Control
    Edit Parcel
    Errors - Show Job Errors
    Export DXF File
    Export LandXML File
    Export MapInfo
    Extended Attributes
    Extra Tools

  • F

  • Find Point - Pan To Point
    Find Point in Parcel
    Fix Accuracies
    Fix Misclose in Digitsed Parcel
    Fix Multipart Lots
    Floor - Strata Duplicate
    Form Across Road Connections
    Function Keys

  • G

  • Georeference Image
    Google Maps
    Grid Area for Parcels
    Ground Area for Parcels
    Group of Parcels

  • H

  • Help Problems
    Help Settings
    Hyperlink to PDF

  • I

  • Image - Manager
    Image - Orient to Job
    Import ACT Data
    Import BLM Data
    Import Control from GeoSurvey
    Import Control
    Import LandXML File
    Import Shape File
    Insert Point
    Insert Text

  • J

  • Job - Split
    Job Centroid
    Job Errors - Show
    Job Settings
    Job Statistics
    Join Parcel

  • K

  • Key - Software

  • L

  • LandXML - Read ICSM File
    LandXML - Read Parcel File
    LandXML - Write File
    LandXML - ceXML to LandXML Batch Conversion
    LandXML to ceXML Batch Conversion
    Laptops - from Multiple Screens
    Legal Area for Parcels
    License - Software Key
    License Settings
    Line - Drawing
    Line Accuracy - Set by Line Type
    Line Point - Add
    Line Point - Delete
    Line Point - Modify
    Line Points - Add Missing
    Line Type - Set
    Line Types - NT
    Line Types - define in config file
    Line Width on screen
    Lines - Extended Attributes
    Lines curved
    Lines straight
    Locality Values - Define in Config file
    Locality values - NT
    Lost Windows - Parcel Explorer
    Lot - Form from Line
    Lot Name - Max Screen Display
    Lot Name - control screen display
    Lots - Multi Part

  • M

  • Master File - Import Control Points
    Master File - Updating with Control
    Mean Centres
    Merge Two Points
    Multi Screens
    Multipart Lots - Fix Names
    Multipart Lots

  • N

  • NT Parcel Values
    New Job
    New Parcel
    Newgans format Control - importing
    Northern territory - Parcel Values

  • O

  • Old Format Data
    Orient to Image

  • P

  • PDF File - Print Screen to
    PDF File - View Plan
    PDF file - Print Plan to
    Pan To Point
    Pan to Parcel
    Parallel Line
    Parcel - Delete
    Parcel - Extended Attributes
    Parcel - Find Point
    Parcel - Set Parcel Parameters
    Parcel Accuracy - Reset
    Parcel Explorer - Will Not Display
    Parcel Groups
    Parcel Lines - Recalc
    Parcel Lines
    Parcel Properties
    Parcel Tags
    Parcel Types - NT
    Parcel Types - define in config file
    Parcel Types for Old Jobs
    Parcel Unjoining
    Parcel by Points
    Parcels - Select Last Adjusted
    Parcels Report
    Parcels and Lines
    Plan - Admin Update
    Plan - Delete
    Plan - Extended Attributes
    Plan - control screen display
    Plan Examination Report
    Point - Delete Node Point
    Point - Insert
    Point - find by panning to point
    Point Numbers - Max Display Scale
    Point Properties
    Point Reference Data
    Points - Erase Unjoin Points
    Points - Mean Close Points
    Points Cleanup
    Polygon - Drawing
    Print Plan to PDF
    Print Screen to PDF File
    Print Screen
    Process SAE
    Program Settings
    Project Statistics

  • R

  • Radiations - Delete
    Radius - entry
    Read LandXML File
    Read Shape File
    Recalc Parcel Lines
    Reference Data - Point
    Reference Marks
    Registry Keys
    Report - Plan Examination
    Report - Topology
    Report On Control
    Report On Parcels
    Report on Parcel Closure
    Reset Inactive Control
    River Traverse Lot
    Road - Across Road Links
    Road - Add Across Road Connections
    Road - Ask Across Road Connections
    Roads - Across Road Connections- Tools

  • S

  • Save As
    Save Unjoined
    Scale Bar
    Screen Capture to PDF File
    Screens - Multiple
    Select Last Adjusted Parcels
    Select Lines
    Select Parcel
    Set Line Accuracy by Type
    Settings - Advanced
    Settings 1 - Display
    Settings 2 - Display, Colour Parcels
    Settings 3 - Display, Point, Lot text
    Shape File - Import Parcels Points
    Shape File - Import Parcels, Control
    Show Job Errors
    Ski format Control, importing
    Software Key
    Software License Key
    Software Lock
    Special accuracies processing
    Split Job
    Square Offset
    Strata 3d View
    Strata Floor - Duplicate
    Strata Lots (NT UTS)
    Strings - Erase All and Reform

  • T

  • Text - Duplicate
    Text - Insert
    Text - Properties
    Threatened Marks
    Tools - Extra
    Topology Report

  • U

  • Ujoined Points - Erase
    Unit Titles Scheme (UTS)
    Unjoin Parcel
    Unjoined parcels - Save
    Unused Points - Erase
    UserId - Force a value

  • V

  • View - Strata 3d
    View Plan PDF

  • W

  • Weighting - Adjustment
    Write DXF File
    Write LandXML File

  • Z

  • Zone-Datum
    Zoom Parameters

  • C

  • ceXML to LandXML Batch Conversion

  • K

  • keyboard Keys

  • X

  • xml config file