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Advanced Settings

This option controls several more complicated program settings.

Don't Update Accuracy When Compiled Box changed
When you change the 'Compiled' attribute for a parcel, the program automatically
changes (lowers) the parcel accuracy as no survey has been done.
You can stop this behaviour by ticking this box.

Smaller 'Zoom All' Parcel Properties Diagram
When you do a Zoom All in EDIT Parcel mode using the F5 key, the entire job is drawn on the screen.
This option gives a smaller diagram than usual.

Check Config file .acs file to program Settings
The config file used is always that specified in the Program Settings
When a job is saved to a .acs file, thatfilename is written to the .acs file
This option causes GeoCadastre to compare the two filenames at startup

This check can help detectif you are using the wrong config file.