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Append Job

This option will allow the user to read in another job and then manually ‘join’ it to the current job.

Joined parcel will be imported, grouped and added to this job as an unjoined group of parcels.
Thay are grouped so that they can be treated as a single unit for the joining process.
You can then manually join the group to the existing job.

Note: If the datum and projection do not match, the control will not be imported.

Filename This is the file name of the file that is to be appended.
Either type the name in, or click on Browse to locate the file on your computer.
Data can come from a GeoCadastre .acs file or a Geocadastre .xml (ceXML) file.

Include Unjoined Lots Tick the box to include unjoined lots or parcels when reaing the input file.
Unjoined parcel will be imported and added to the current job as unjoined parcels.
When importing a parcel if the plan does not exist, the plan is imported as well.
If the plan does exist, the plan data will be imported and overwite existing job plan data.

Include Control Tick the box to include control points.
Only control that is Connected to imported parcel will be imported.

Include Text Tick the box to include text data (not implemented yet)