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Save As

This option will allow the user to save the current job into a specific drive, directory or folder area by browsing to the location on their computer. The user will also have the option of saving the file with a different name.

There are 2 file types that GeoCadastre will save the file as: ACS Job File (*.acs) or XML Job File (*.xml) and these can be selected from the 'Save as type' drop down menu.

Note that you cannot save a file as a LandXML file.
This can only be achieved by going to "Conversions" - "LandXML" - "Export LandXML File".See Write LandXML File

When saving the current job file as an XML Job File (*.xml) for the ESRI Parcel Editor system, if the user requires that the xml file created has an ESRI Spatial Reference then the 'ESRI prj file' check box in 'Program Settings' will need to be ticked. See Program Settings.

By ticking this box, when exporting and saving the current job file as an XML Job File (*.xml), the user will be prompted to browse to the location on their computer for an ESRI Spatial Reference file (*.prj).