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Edit Easement

Easements are entered either as a separate lot or entered with the parcel.
If they are entered as a separate lot, the easement name is incorporated in the parcel name and the easement type is entered as the parcel Type.
If they are entered with the parcel boundaries, they are entered as a closed polygon after the parcel polygon and the line type is used to define the easement type.

Easement Types
Easement types use the number range 900 - 994, common types are:
990 Sewerage
991 Electricity
992 Drainage
993 Phone
994 Access

Missing Lines in Easements.
The easement lines in a subdivision plan may not be fully dimensioned
If the bearing and distance for a single line is missing, it can be generated in the same way that a missing line in a parcel can be generated.

A special case exists where an easement may be specified only by its width from a side boundary

Where there are bearings for all lines, but no dimensions for the front, rear and inside boundary of the easement.
the program will detect that there are three missing distances for the easement and will prompt for a width.
It will then carry out the necessary calculations and fill in the missing data.
If the front and/or rear boundary for the lot are curved, it will also prompt for aan easement width and compute all of the missing data.