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Multipart Lots

Some parcels are bisected by a road or a road reserve which is identified on the plan but which may not be fully defined.
These are sometimes called "Do-Nut Lots" or Parcels connected by Vinculuum.

Such parcels can be as simple as a typical rural parcel where a road of stipulated width bisects the lot or they can be as complicated as a Group Title Plan as encountered in Queensland. These Group Title Plans have building envelopes that are separated from the title area of the Group Title.
An example of each is provided for reference.

GeoCadastre provides for this type of parcel by using connection lines of "Type" 997 to link the associated parts of the whole.

The parcel surround is begun in the usual way by entering the parcel in a clockwise direction and crossing the excluded part of the lot with "Type" 997 lines.
Illustrated below is a typical example of a NSW Portion Plan where geometry is shown on the plan for only one side of the road with a notation that a road reserve of 100 links exists.
Because only one side of the road is dimensioned it is necessary to complete the road using the "Parallel Line" tool first (See Parallel Line) and then record the dimensions that are calculated for the side of the road assumed by the survey.
These dimensions are entered in the parcel boundary.

Having recorded the missing geometry for the road, follow the sequence shown below to complete data entry for the parcel with the road reserve being excluded.

An example of a much more complicated application of the multi part lot is illustrated below:

Multi-part parcels can be difficult to understand when they become complicated and examples are included with the GeoCadastre install routine.
If you have accepted default folders during install these can be found in c:\Program Files(x86)\Geodata\GeoCadastre\Examples