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Parallel Line

This option allows the user to build a parallel line to the line data that has already been entered in a parcel. It can be found by right-clicking in the data entry grid in the 'Parcel Properties' dialogue box and selecting 'Parallel Line'.

Important: this option cannot be used with grouped parcels, the parcel requiring a parallel line to be calculated must be entered as an ungrouped individual parcel.

This option is not limited to a particular parcel type and it simply generates a parallel line for every line that has already been entered in the parcel lines grid.

It is particularly useful for generating a parallel line for road parcels where the survey has only been completed for one side of the road and the width of the road is known. It is also useful for inserting an easement from a parcel line where the plan simply states "Easement 5 wide" or "ROW 10" etc.

Once all the relevant lines in the data entry grid have been entered, the 'Parallel Line' tool can be used to generate the remaining lines to close the parcel.

The information required for the program to be able to build the parallel lines must be entered. This information includes the start boundary bearing, end boundary bearing as well as the width of the parallel lines.

A positive width will generate a parallel line clockwise (ie. to the right) of the already entered lines, while a negative width will generate a parallel line anti-clockwise (ie. to the left) of the already entered lines.

Ensure that the parallel line is created on the correct side of the initial line. If it is created on the wrong side, delete the lines created and re-create using a negative number for the offset. To delete the lines created, see 'Delete Row' in Edit Parcel Grid

Once the parallel lines have been created and the parcel closes, save the parcel and join it to the fabric in the usual way.
For more information on how to join a parcel, see Join Parcel