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Parcel Tags

Tags are used by the cadastral package to specify the attributes associated with a parcel or a line. They are a number between 1 and 1000 and can be used to set data into layers for storage in GIS systems.

Line tags 900 to 990 inclusive are reserved for easements by the cadastral software. Dimensions of easement lines are not included as observations in the adjustment phase.

TagUseMain UserFeature
10ParcelLIC in NSWDedicated Land
12ParcelLIC in NSWPrivate Section Plan
13ParcelLIC in NSWReal Property Boundaries
14ParcelLIC in NSWCrown Subdivision
15ParcelLIC in NSWVacant Crown Land
16ParcelAdjustmentCompiled plan
17ParcelAdjustmentCompiled plan
21LineLIC in NSWRoad Boundaries
22LineNT GovtConnection along road boundary
23LineLIC in NSWPathway
27LineLIC in NSWReserved Road
29ParcelLIC in NSWClosed road
40ParcelLIC in NSWReserve
42LineLIC in NSWReservation line (100 ft)
44ParcelLIC in NSWDrainage Reserve
60ParcelLIC in NSWCemetery
71LineLIC in NSWTidal Boundary
72LineLIC in NSWNon Tidal Boundary
73LineLIC in NSWMean High Water Line
74LineLIC in NSWMean Low Water Line
77LineLIC in NSWCoastline
80ParcelLIC in NSWRailway Land
121LineLIC in NSWState Boundary
233LineLIC in NSWCounty Boundary
233LineLIC in NSWParish Boundary
633LineLIC in NSWMine Subsidence Boundary
838LineLIC in NSWNational Park Boundary
841LineLIC in NSWState Forest Boundary
921LineGeodata in NSWReserved Road
984LineNT GovernmentRight of Way
986LineNT GovernmentPower Line
990LineNT GovernmentSewerage
991LineNT GovernmentElectricity Supply
992LineNT GovernmentDrainage
993LineNT GovernmentElectronic Communications
994LineNT GovernmentAccess
995LineGeoCadastrePrecise Connection
998LineGeoCadastreRadial lines to centres