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Parcel by Points

In some situations you do not have the bearings and distances for a parcel.
If the surrounding parcels exist, the missing parcel can be created by clicking on the Points.

Parcel Admin Data
Select the plan from the list

Then enter the other parcel attributes, Id, Area, Type etc.
Note that it will be given an accuracy of 6, which is appropriate for a digitised parcel.

Parcel Lines
Click on the points on the main screen, the cursor will join the points with a red line forming the parcel sides.
It will display the bearing an ddistance as each line is added.

You can set the Line Type if required by entering the number (1-999)
  1. Each line segment as an A point and a B point and optionally a Centre point.
  2. Click the cursor in the A point field to click or enter a different A point.
  3. With the cursor in the 'B Point' field, clicking on points adds sehments.
  4. Press Ctrl/Z to unto the last line segment
  5. Click on the C Point field to enter or click on a curve centre.
  6. 'Hold Centre' will retain the centre point if you are doing a succession of points/lines around a curve.