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Select Parcel

This menu allows you to select a Parcel and display its attributes.
Joined Tick the ‘Joined’ check box if you only want to display joined parcels, not individual ones.
Plan Select the plan you the parcel/s you want to display are on. You can also enter the plan number in the window. The plan number is used to uniquely identify a plan in the cadastral system
Lot/Name Choose the parcel you would like to select from the list. You can also type in the lot name in the window. The lot number is used to uniquely identify a parcel of land in the cadastral system. No two parcels should have the same plan and lot numbers.
Properties Once the parcel in question has been selected, click on the Admin button to display the properties of the parcel. This show’s all the information known about the parcel, and allows you to alter both the parcel itself and whether it is joined or not.
Lines This option allows you to change the specifications of the parcel. The dialog box gives a display of the bearings and distances that define the parcel, allows you to change or add points in the parcel and also gives information about accuracy.
Join/Unjoin This option allows you to Join or Unjoin the selected parcel to another parcel or parcels.
Delete Click Delete to remove the selected Parcel from the Job