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Project Statistics

This routine will scan through all .acs files in the specified files directory and through all the files in all of the directories below the specified files directory and report on those files. The output report will list details in a comma separated format so that it can be used for further analysis.

Two types of report can be generated
1. A report on the statistics for each job as follows:
Path,File,Datum,New Lots,Hist Lots,Joined,lines,Connections,Radial Lines, Total Control, Active Control

2. A comparison with all the parcels in the current job
First, all the common parcels are listed as follows:
Sequence number,Lot,Plan,Userid,File path
Then, the remaining parcels are listed as follows:
Sequence Number, Lot, Plan, UserId

Warning, This report may take some time to generate if the number of scanned files is large. Files Directory This is the directory at the top of the tree of directories to be searched.
Report File Include in the report all Plans in the current Job.
Include control Point Records Include in the report details of each control point in each job. Match Parcels with Current Job Tick this box to generate the second report type.
If it is not ticked, the first report type will be generated.