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Report on Control

The Report on Control will write control point data to a Comma separated Value (CSV) file suitable for reading by Excel or a spreadsheet.
It writes the following data values for each Control Point.
Name: The control point name, e.g., SS23456
Action: Either “Fixed” or Adj depending whether the control point is active or inactive
Point ID The point number of the job point which has the control point.
X The X coordinate of the job point
Y The Y coordinate of the job point
dx The difference between the control point easting and the job point X value.
dy The difference between the control point northing and the job point y value.
Final E The Control point East coordinate
Final N The Control point North coordinate
Horiz Acc The horizontal accuracy of the control point.
If no accuracy is stated, it is assumed that there is no official control data for the point and a message “Not in SCIMS” is displayed
The values X, Y, dx, and dy are only displayed for inactive control points.
They show the differences between the coordinates for the job point and the control point.