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Topology Report

This report will check the job for spatial anomalies.
  1. Duplicate Parcels
  2. Overlapping Parcels
  3. Parcel inside another Parcel
  4. Line Not Connected to another parcel
  5. Bad Linetype
  6. Unclosed parcels

Duplicate Parcels
This will detect and list duplicates.
Note that Easement parcels (parcel type 990-999) are allowed to be duplicated
and will not be listed

Overlapping Parcels
Any parcels that overlap each other will be listed.
use Show Job Errors to view the parcels and edit their data to fix the problem.

Parcels Inside Another Parcel
This checks ifa parcel is inside another parcel.
Easement parcels are allowed inside another parcel.
Parcels are allowed inside Admin parcels (type=6)
e.g. A Town boundary may be an Admin parcel and have all the parcels in the town
inside it.

Line Not Connected to Another Parcel
If a parcel line has no parcel adjoining and it is not a road line,
this is an error an dthis message is displayed

Bad Linetype
A line has an illegal line type as defined in the Config file.

Unclosed Parcel
This error message means that an unclosed parcel was found that was not marked
as Unclosed in the Parcel Admin data

Show Job Errors
To access the errors sytematically and fix them use the menu option Tools/Show Job Errors
Click on Show Job Errors for more info

Excluded Parcels
Some parcels are excluded from this report because they overlap other parcels.
  1. Proposed parcels
  2. Unclosed parcels
  3. Historical Parcels
  4. Type 7 parcels - used for Administrative parcels
  5. Easement parcels - types 900 - 994 inclusive
  6. Strata/UTS parcels (type 59) not on the ground floor
  7. Mineral Leases - types 51 - 58 inclusive