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Import LandXML ePlan File

This option will read in an ePlan LandXML parcel file into the job.
It is important to have the correct Config file for the Jurisdiction where the file was generated.
It will use the enumerations specified in the config file to check the input data.

These files contain all the data to generate the original plan including coordinates for all points.
The coordinates are approximate and are only included to facilitate the drawing of a plan from the data. There are dimensions for the subdivision lots and information to enable the drawing of other features including any abutting parcels.

General Procedure

If the purpose of the exercise is to examine a plan and compare the data on the LandXML file with that on the drawn plan, then the file can be read into a new job and displayed in the main screen.
When the file is read in this way, dimensions will be calculated for the abutting parcels and they will be set at accuracy 7 and flagged as being compiled.

Alternately, if you are accumulating data to build a parcel network, each plan can be imported as a group of unjoined parcels ready for joining to a network at a later date.
If the job is brought in as a group of unjoined parcels, the abutting parcels in each plan will be discarded and only the survey information will be retained.

From the Conversions menu select "LandXML/Read LandXML ePlan File"

The following menu will be displayed

The Jurisdiction is displayed to check that the correct Config file has been used.
Browse to the source file.
Tick the "Append Plan as an Unjoined Group" if you want to only include the subdivision data, or if you are reading multiple files into the job.
Hit the "Read the File" button to proceed.
If there are any error reports or warnings, they will be displayed.
They can be copied to the clipboard or saved to file.
Hit the "Close" button go back to the main screen

. The LandXML file will have been read in and converted to parcels in geocadastre format.
These can then be viewed on the screen and manipulated in the normal way.