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Drawing Objects

Drawing Objects are lines, drawing polylines (not contours), Text and Polygons.

Each line will contain one data object (e.g. one point).
The data parameters for the object are separated by commas and are in the format:
    (e.g. X=123.456)
A line ending with a & means that it is continued onto the next line.
Data parameters are separted by a comma and can appear in ANY order.

Type=1,LineCol="Green",FillCol="Green",Style=1,Thickness=0.50,Ststy=2,EndSty=2,GroupId=%d &
The Drawing object type
1 - Line
2 - Polygon
3 - Polyline

#define LINE_END_NONE 0 #define LINE_END_ARROW1 1 #define LINE_END_ARROW2 2 #define DRAW_IN_NORMAL_MODE 0 #define DRAW_IN_XOR_MODE 1 LineCol
The line colour as a name or as a RGB value
SeeColours for format information.

The fill colour for a Polygon, the colour can be a name or an RGB value
See Colours for format information.

The line style number 0-n
See Line Styles for line styles information.

The line width in mm

Line End Style - Ststy, Endsty
This defined how the end of the line is drawn, with an arrow or not
0 - None
1 - Arrow 1
2 - Arrow 2

Drawing objects can be grouped together for various purposes - delete, send to back etc.
This is a group nuber which will be shared by all objects in the group.

X, Y
For a Line, the first x,y values are the start of the line and the second XY pair is the end of the line
All X,Y values are in ground units (metres)

For a Polyline/polygon, there can be any number of XY value pairs to make up the object.