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Each line will contain one data object (e.g. one point).
The data parameters for the object are separated by commas and are in the format:
    (e.g. X=123.456)
A line ending with a & means that it is continued onto the next line.
Data parameters are separted by a comma and can appear in ANY order.

For each plan you need the Name, Survey Date, Surveyor name and description.
The Company name is not important unless you require it.
If the plan is on True Mid Bearings, include the "TrueMid" statement.

The name of the Plan, this name may be plotted in the bottomleft corner of the plan.

Survey Date
The date of the survey in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
This date is used to weight the bearing and distance data on the plan for a Least Squares Adjustment

Lodged Date
Optional. The date of survey plan was lodged in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
Can be recorded for admin purposes

Approved Date
Optional. The date of survey plan was approved in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
Can be recorded for admin purposes

Optional. The surveyor name can be recorded for admin purposes.

Optional. The company/firm that did the survey can be recorded for admin purposes.

Combined Grid Factor
Optional. This is a value specified to 6 decimals.

Optional. The plan Description is usually the text as written on the plan. It can include multiple lines of text. A new line is encodes as '\\r\\n' like this.

Name="601045",SurveyDate="1979-04-26",Units=M,Descr="Test description\\r\\nSecond Line\\r\\nThird Line"
Plan Units. M-Metres, F-imperial Feet, L-Links, U-US Feet.

Optional. If the plan data was extarcted from a database, this is the database id for the plan.
This is stored so that when data is re-inserted into the database, the program can detect if the
plan already exists in the database or it is a new plan.

Optional. If present, the bearings on the plan are considered to be True Mid Bearings.

Optional. Indicates the data was entered in angle mode.
This mode requires a start bearing and then the angle at each corner of the parcel.
This is mainly used for data entry presentation as the angles are converted to for the bearings and distances around the parcel.

Optional. Can be a Y or N value to indicate that the plan has been Approved.