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A Sheet defines a printer sheet upon which one or more Viewports can be drawn.

Each line will contain one data object (e.g. one point).
The data parameters for the object are separated by commas and are in the format:
    (e.g. X=123.456)
A line ending with a & means that it is continued onto the next line.
Data parameters are separted by a comma and can appear in ANY order.

SheetName="Page 1",Px=297,Py=198,PlanForm="planform1"
SheetName="Page 2",Px=450,Py=297,PlanForm="planform1"
SheetName="Page 3",Px=450,Py=297,PlanForm="planform1"
The name of the Sheet.

Px, Py
The Sheet paper dimensions ix X and y in mm

When drawing a sheet, a plan form can be used to draw the surrounding border,
company name, logo and other plan details.