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Cookie Cut Multi Parcels

Cut Holes in a base parcel the size and shape of any overlying parcels.
It can be used in strata (UTS) parcels to remove all the lots on a floor from the Common Property lot.
It can also be used where there are a large number of lots (such as a townsite) inside the base lot.

There are three types of overlaying parcels.
1. Intersecting, where the overlaying parcel is partly inside and partly outside the base parcel.
2. Abutting, where the overlaying parcel is inside and shares one or more boundaries with the base parcel.
3. Inside, where the overlaying parcel is totally inside the base parcel and is clear of the base parcel boundary lines.

Before proceeding, check that there is sufficient information for the process to be carried out.
In all intersecting parcels, the intersecting points (where lines on both parcels cross) must exist as boundary points in both parcels.
In all abutting parcels, the abutting lines must exist as boundary lines in both parcels.

Base Lot
This is the parcel which will be changed.
Holes will be cut into this parcel matching any overlaying parcels.

To Change a selection - you CANNOT type in the lot/plan name.
You MUST select the parcel with the mouse.
When you hit the Cut It button, the overlaying parcels will be selected automatically. If any overlaying parcels get missed, re-run this tool or cut them out with the Cookie Cut Single tool.