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Extra Tools

These are options that can be made available through entries in the config file.

Many of these tools are designed for an application that is only appropriate for a specific juridstriction or state.
A full list of the available tools together with links to their help files is in the table below.

Form Curvesclick here
Mean Centresclick here
Build Proj_fileclick here
Recalc Parcel Linesclick here
Make Lot from Lineclick here
Unjoin a Pointclick here
Delete Node Pointclick here
Form Across Road Connections
Connections from Road Lotclick here
Reference Pointclick here
Fix Multipart Lotsclick here
Cookie Cutter Single Parcelclick here
Cookie Cutter Multiple Parcelsclick here
Fix Misclose in Part Digitised Parcelsclick here
Add Across Road Connectionsclick here
Set Parcel Parametersclick here
Duplicate Strata Floorclick here
Update Plan Adminclick here
Points with RMS Reportclick here
Reset Inactive Controlclick here