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Fix Multipart Lots

If a Lot has several parts(polygons) and has been entered as separate parcels
with the same lot name, this option will fix it.
It will rename the parcels to 123Pt1, 123Pt2 etc.

If all of the polygons for a lot simply have the lot number,
there is no unique identifier for each polygon.
This routine will correct this by adding "Pt" and a unique number to each of the polygon lot numbers in the lot.

Say Lot 123 has three parts and has been entered as three parcels with lot name "123".
This option will chnage the parcel names to "123Pt1", "123Pt2" and "123Pt3".
Select this option from the "Extra Tools" list.

Enter the plan name to be checked

To include this Tool in Geocadastre, there has to be the following entry in the MenuColumn section of the Config file.
menuEntry menuText="Set Selected Parcel Parameters" menuItem="MENU_SET_PARCELS"
The change to the config file can be made using a text editor.