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Insert Point

Inserts a point into the job.
The point can then be used for joining etc.

Enter the Easting and Northing of the Point, or you can enter the latitude and Longitude.

Entry of the height value is optional.


Tick this box to enter the co-ords in degrees, minutes and seconds.
The format is (DDDMMSS.ssss)or (DDD.MM.SS.ssss)
0243147.22 is 24 degrees, 31 minutes, 47.2200 seconds
24.3147.22 is also acceptable.
When you tab to the next field, the lat/longitude value will be re-displayed in the formal way to you can check it.

Change Point Datum

This allow you to eneter a point in another datum and have it auto converted to the current job datum
Click here for info.