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Reset Inactive Control

It is not unusual for un-coordinated Permanent Marks to be shown on plans.
They provide reference points for the cadastral boundaries and are ready to be connected to the Geodetic network at some later date.
However, they cannot be used as "control points" and are set as being "inactive" for any adjustments.

Their coordinates are initially set when they are added to the network after the parcel joining phase.
Following this, the network may be adjusted and this can generate a big difference between the initial coordinates of each mark and the point that it is attached to.
This tool will rectify this situation by re-setting the mark coordinates for each inactive control point.

To include this Tool in Geocadastre, there has to be the following entry in the MenuColumn section of the Config file.
menuEntry menuText="Reset Inactive Control" menuItem="MENU_RESET_INACTIVE_CONTROL"
The change to the config file can be made using a text editor.

Running the process

Select the "Reset Inactive Control" tool from the "Extra Tools" list.
The routine will scan through the job and re-set the coordinates for each inactive control point

WARNING make sure that only un-coordinated marks are set as "Inactive"
Otherwise you will destroy the correct coordinates for those marks.