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Transform Coords

Converts Co-ords to E/N in current Datum using...


Tick this box to enter the co-ords in degrees, minutes and seconds.
The format is (DDDMMSS.ssss)or (DDD.MM.SS.ssss)
0243147.22 is 24 degrees, 31 minutes, 47.2200 seconds
24.3147.22 is also acceptable.
When you tab to the next field, the lat/longitude value will be re-displayed in the formal way to you can check it.


Select the datum for the co-ords you are entering.
If it is different from the current job datum, the co-ords will be converted to the current datum.


This will convert the co-ords to the current dataum as an Easting/Northing value
The input co-ords are checked and an error message will be displayed if required


Press this to accept the converted co-ordines


This allows you to set the transform GSB files that will be used for the datum transforms

Set Transform Files

You can set the GSB (NTv2) transform files which will be used in the conversion from one datum to another.
Note: If you are converting from AGD1966 to GDA2020, two conversions will be done
AGD1996 to GDA1994 and then GDA1994 to GDA2020.
Click here for info.

Checking Transforms

You can use an independent method to transform co-ordinates to your datum.
Click here for details.
Or you can paste thus URL into a web browser.

ICSM - Software and Plugins

There is a free tool available at this web page
You can download the GDAy program and use it to do the transforms or you can use QGIS which is an open source GIS program.

Online Transformation Service

This web site, click on 'web service' and it will allow acces to the online tool.
Note that it can transform a CSV file of values (geog only).

Australian Datum Tool

This is a commercial software program available at
Click on 'Download and install install manually' half way down the page.
It requires the GSB files to convert from one datum to another