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Import Control

This option will read control points from a control points file.
The points will then be matched by their name and updated.
When a match is found, new coordinates are copied from the Import control file into the job.

A control point file can have all the control points for a locality that may cover a number of parcel ‘areas’. The file may be the output from a geodetic adjustment or from a GPS system.

The Master Control Points file can be in one of the following formats: Control File
This is the name of the Import control file. Either type in the name of the file or click ‘Browse’ to locate it on your computer.

Test Run - make no changes to Job Data
Tick this box to perform the import of data but no actual changes are made to any job data
The listing shows what WOULD have happened if changes were allowed.

Add New Control Indide Job Window
Tick this box to insert any New control points into in the job.
It will insert the control points which lie inside the job window rectangle but are not currently in the job.

Add New Control Outside Job Window
Tick this box to add new control points outside the job area.
The ignored points are neither imported or listed

Only Update Height if Control Point already has a height
Some geodetic adjustment programs will output a height value on all points even if they are not required.
Tick this box to only update heights for those control points in the job which already have a height.
Un-tick the box to update all height values.

As points are inserted or updated, a record is written to the listing so you can see what changes have been made.
To make the listing into a CSV file which can be imported into a spreadsheet, simply use a .CSV extension

Name Length
This is the maximum number of characters to be matched in each name for fixed length formats like Newgans format. This allows the use of control files where extra characters are added to the name that should be ignored.
For CSV files, this field is ignored.

Import Control File
Use this button to read the Control File.
A warning will be given in the listing for any points that are not updated.

CSV File Import File Format
For the comma Separated data file each record must have the data in this order:
Name, Easting, Northing, Height, Zone, Status, XYAccuracy, ZAccuracy

The Name, Easing, Northing fields must be present. All other fields are optional