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Unjoin Parcel

To unjoin a parcel right click on the parcel to select it, then press the right mouse button on the parcel and a context menu appears.
One of the items in it is “unjoin”, select that option and the parcel will be unjoined.

To unjoin a number of parcels click on the right hand icon in the top toolbar (called select parcels) and it will allow you to select a number of parcels by window.
You can add or take parcels out of this selection by clicking with the mouse with the
control key held down. One click selects, the second click de-selects.

When you have highlighted all the parcels you want, right click on any one of them and
a drop down menu appears. One of the items in it is “unjoin”.
If you select unjoin you will be asked whether you want to group all the parcels
that you are about to unjoin.

If you click on Yes they will be unjoined as a group and can be rejoined as a group.
If you click on No they will be unjoined as individual parcels.
If you click on Cancel - the unjoin action is cancelled.