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Geocadastre is a program for the management of cadastral data. It allows you to build and adjust parcel networks from data contained in plans of subdivision. Input from plans can be in feet, links or metres and bearings can be either whole circle bearings or quadrant bearings. Distances are displayed in the data entry dialogue in the same units that they were entered, but all values are stored as metres.

Coordinates can be on a local datum or on a geodetic datum. Plan dimensions are assumed to be "ground distances" and bearings can be on a "local" azimuth for each plan or can be "true mid".

Geocadastre does not require any installation procedure and can be copied or deleted like any other file.
The program and the key files used by the program are:

A new directory should be created for storage of the program and the files associated with the program operation. Data files for the various jobs (.acs ) should be stored elsewhere.

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