Mouse Functions

The program supports the following functions keys.

Left Mouse Button
The left mouse button is used to select all menu options and toolbar options by clicking on the required option with the left mouse button.

Right Mouse Button
This invokes a context sensitive menu, depending on the current mode (Points, strings etc).
Select the required menu option with the left mouse button.

Mouse Wheel
The scroll wheel on the mouse, if you have one of the newer models, will scroll the screen view:
Roll forward - Scroll screen viewport up (picture moves down)
Roll back - Scroll screen viewport down (picture moves up)

Hold down the Control key
 Ctrl/roll forward - Scroll screen viewport left (picture moves left)
 Ctrl/roll back - Scroll screen viewport right (picture moves right)

Hold down the Shift key
 Shift/roll forward - Zoom IN
 Shift/roll back - Zoom OUT

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