This menu has options to convert data to and from other formats that are used by other packages. The options available are listed below.

Import ASCII Files
Export ASCII Files

Read 27 Records
Append ACS Job
Write Points

Civilcad Conversions
Read Civilcad V4
Write Civilcad V4
Read Civilcad V5
Write Civilcad V5

DXF File Conversions
Read DXF Job
Write DXF Job

LandXML Conversions
Read LandXML File
Write LandXML File

Foresight Conversion
Read Foresight Job

Google Earth Conversion
Write Google Earth KML File

Geocomp Conversion
Read Geocomp Job
Write Geocomp Job

Leica Conversion
Read TP Stakeout Job
Read Leica Liscad IDX Job

Microstation Conversions
Write Microstation DGN File
Write Dela DTA File

MOSS Conversion
Read MOSS File
Write MOSS File

Surpac Conversions
Read Surpac File
Write Surpac File

Trimble Conversions
Read Trimble File
Write Trimble File

Landmark Conversions
Write Landmark File

Mapinfo Conversions
Read Mapinfo File
Write Mapinfo Job

3DD Conversions
Read 3DD MAF File

TDS Conversions
Read TDS Coordinate File
Reduce TDS Field Observations File

12d Conversions
Read 12d File
Write 12d File